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Agent MothMan
 Agent MothMan
TEAM: Alpha
AGE: 27 or so
RACE: Swahili Non-Hispanic
SSAN: 078-05-1120
MINDSET: Just doing it all creepsy and tricksy.
QUOTE: “Uh-uh. Nope. That can’t possibly be the way out.”
INTEL: The MothMan is easily identified when you stare at him: one eye starts to get bigger than the other.
M.O.: He throughly enjoys new coffee cups.
BACKGROUNDER: He is the founder and proponent of UnknownTours. A staunch advocate of personal liberty and privacy, he deigns to publish here a few jaunts. MothMan greatly enjoys the mesmerizing grip an old building can exert. Currently not a ninja.

Agent Pulse
 Agent Pulse
TEAM: Alpha
AGE: Classified
RACE: Caucasian, the overlooked minority
SSAN: 001-01-0001
MINDSET: I hate people, so get outta my way.
QUOTE: “Dude, just take care of your business.”
INTEL: Agent Pulse substituted kerosene for blood years ago, affording himself the luxury of feeling right at home outside in sub-zero temperatures.
M.O.: He is not too keen about spiders.
BACKGROUNDER: He is the godfather of social engineers and sports a veritable treasure trove of wit, cynicism, and in-your-face attitude. The PulseMan does not change, you have to.

Agent Troll
 Agent Troll
TEAM: Alpha (we think)
AGE: 417
RACE: Troll, the non-understood minority
SSAN: Undetermined; refuses to fill out a Form W-4 for our records
MINDSET: We’ve not known him to have one; a mind that is.
QUOTE: Deemed inappropriate for our viewers.
INTEL: Slow, meager, and burdensome, Agent Troll marches to the tune of his own drummer. Or would if you could get him to march. Or get him to do anything at all.
M.O.: Pretty good at recommending inhabited houses that LOOK abandoned, for exploration.
BACKGROUNDER: He’s a little too tall, coulda used a few pounds. All’s well with the outside world as long as it does not intrude into his private one. Fond of dragons, Agent Troll is great to take on tours as long as you don’t NEED him for anything. He’s the team’s most inactive active member.

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“ Don’t try to outweird me. I get weirder things than you free in my breakfast cereal. ”
-- Zaphod Beeblebrox (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)